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Dirilis Ertugrul Urdu website offers all the episodes of the season in urdu language. Starting from season 1 to season 5, everything is available in Urdu at ertugrulurdu.

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This website is specially developed to help the people who are looking for the most popular and Islamic historical season on the internet which is DIRILIS ERTUGRUL. This serial is originally created in Turkish language and also translated into many languages. On this website we will provide you completed seasons of Dirilis Ertugrul Urdu version, either in urdu dubbed and urdu subbed. 

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A Turkish TV series Dirilis Ertugrul is based on the history of Ottoman Empire(Saltanat Usmania). This series shows the struggle of Ertugrul and Kayi tribe. An intersting series which shows how a tribe and a man named Ertugrul took their tribe towards the better life. 

Season 01

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